Dover Water Solutions

Over 25 Units operating in field since 2008

Dover Water Solutions is a global leader in developing proprietary gas diffusion technologies. Our technology allows for the highly efficient diffusion of gases into liquids using patented micro-bubble technology in a passive treatment system with no moving parts and minimal external power requirements.

Our patented systems deliver highly effective treatment with an elegant, innovative design that avoids “fouling” experienced by other fine bubble systems. This translates directly into extremely low maintenance and operating costs. No other technologies come close to providing the savings enabled by Dove Water Solutions technology.

Our technology is now being demonstrated in oil and water separation applications with leading producers and service companies and proving capable of generating millions of dollars in annual savings to producers.

Why Us?

  • Totally Passive
  • No power required - significant energy savings
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to manufacture and operate
  • Low maintenance
  • No fouling thanks to large apertures in device
  • Rugged units have been operating for years in hostile environments
  • Superior performance Outperforms on cost of ownership
  • Low cost of production Superior Margins allow for either capital sale or rental

How we do it?

Dover Water Solutions’ technology enables highly effective and cost-effective processing of waste water and industrial process liquids. Our process starts with the target liquid being passed through Dover Water Solutions’ patented Diffusion Chamber, where a prescribed treatment gas is diffused into the liquid. Micro-bubbles with up to 10,000 times the surface area of conventional diffusion devices are created in the Diffusion Chamber, allowing for the rapid mass transfer of gas into the liquid.

This creates a supersaturated fluid which is then reintroduced back towards its destination, retaining up to 99% of the treatment gas in a stable condition. A stable, supersaturated fluid means less gas, less chemical and less power is used to treat more fluid. That means significantly lower cost and significantly higher throughput rates.

Intersection of liquid/gas stream causes shearing of gas into bubbles with the peak bubble size being 5 microns

Microbubbles ( < 10 microns in size) will flow down with the mode of flow.

Coarse bubbles will remain in the head space and be drawn into the liquid/gas streams

Oil Water Separation


At the oil well, Dover Water Solutions water treatments use patented micro bubble technology to provide high volume, on-site treatment using static nitrogen tank flotation to separate and recover oil from water.

Our passive technology has no additional power requirements and no moving parts. Meaning, extremely low maintenance and operating costs. No other technologies come close to providing the savings enabled by Seair technology.

The Details:

The Dover Water Solutions' System is able to recover 99.9% of oil from water while drastically reducing current maintenance cost.

The technology is able to recover salable oil from the disposal stream and delivers water suitable for deep well disposal. The implementation of this product results in $290,000 of increased revenue per year of oil from a 500 Bbl/day stream containing 2% oil. Further, the cleaner waste water drastically reduces the frequency of deep well cleaning adding over $100,000 in additional savings.


RECOVER: Storage Costs By 99%

ESTIMATED: Profit Increase Over $400,000

pH Adjustment


Reuse or disposal of wastewater often requires the adjustment of pH to neutral or near-neutral levels. Quite often, the starting point exceeds a pH of 11 and requires reduction to a level of 7 or 8.

Traditionally, pH shifting is accomplished by the addition of HCL in significantly high doses. This traditional approach is accompanied by safety issues as well as high cost. For wastewater requiring pH control, the Seair Diffusion System uses C02 to shift pH. Seair’s technology is highly effective in dissolving C02 in water, both lowering and maintaining pH levels to ensure effluent suitability for use or discharge.

The Details:

The chemical mechanism using C02 is straightforward and simple. Most important, it is a fraction of the cost of HCL.

Implementing the system produces water of superior quality that is eligible for recycling and can be constantly monitored for quality assurance. Seair provides the lowest operating costs, saving you an estimated $10,000 per 500 M3 of water processed, and is easily added to existing infrastructures.


ANNUAL: Savings Greater Than $3,800,000 (For A 500 M3/Day Process Flow)

REDUCES: Cost By Over 90% By Substituting Co2 For HCL

Ozone Injection


Dover Water Solutions' patented micro-bubble technology provides for maximum mass transfer of Ozone to achieve targeted disinfection levels in waste water effluent.

The mass transfer rates are 2.7 times higher than conventional spargers, targeted ozone levels are achieved with less overall ozone generations. The Seair systems fit directly inline with existing infrastructure and are easily retrofitted.

The Details:

The Dover Water Solutions system provides over $850,000 in annual savings for a plant processing 35,000 M3/day.

Compared to other contact methods, Dover Water Solutions products provide the smallest footprint while being able to achieve and maintain compliance with discharge standards. With its simple design the system allows linear scalability to flow rate while maintaining mass transfer efficiency.


95% MASS transfer Ozone

REDUCES: Over 60% reduction of required dose rate

Greenhouse Industry


Dover Water Solutions’ Patented micro-bubble technology allows for extremely efficient diffusion of oxygen gas into water.

Widely accepted by leading professionals and growers in the greenhouse industry, this technology presents a cost effective and safe method of delivering oxygen to the root zone. This process results in healthier, stronger, and more productive plants.

The Details:

The system aids in the development of more extensive and healthier root systems, enabling faster developing plants.

The increased amounts of Dissolved Oxygen in the irrigation water improves the absorption of nutrients and prevents the occurrence of root diseases such as Pythium. The implementation of the product causes overall yield increases and are compatible with existing irrigation systems and are easily self installed


YIELDS: Increase over 19%

PROFITS: Increase profit by $65,000 a year.

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